The Journey Continues: April 1, 2018

Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed!  As I’m reading Revelation I am continuously stunned by what is coming.  I ponder if some of it hasn’t already started.  I wonder what will it take to awaken people to today’s importance?  The message of Christ’s work on the Cross is so clear if we will only take a moment to let Him speak to us through His Word.  I pray this will take place for each and every one regardless of what our background is.

Today I want my own grandkids to be grounded in the fundamental meaning of Easter.  Yes, we will hide eggs and have a wonderful meal, but what I pray will happen is that the Christ of today will be better rooted in their personal walk with Him.  He is Alive!  What I love most is that He is Alive in me.  I cherish the truth that He loves me.  For so long I could not love myself and thought the reason I couldn’t is because I wasn’t really worthy of love.  Yet, Christ, in His tender mercy has shown me that I too am loveable for He has taken all my sin and buried it at the Cross for which could not contain Him.  He has conquered it all!

Rejoice today!  He is Risen!

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