The Journey Continues: April 2, 2018

This is the first week I’ve had this Spring where I can spend much of it in my own yard getting it in shape (or the shape I want it).  I’m going first thing to get the rest of the garden seed for planting this week.  The seeds in my greenhouse as mostly up and it is just plain fun to watch this taking place.

Yesterday was the most powerful day in Christianity.  Today we have a decision to let it pass as a nice holiday or to deepen the reality of it within.  By now the disciples were in the height of awakening.  The king they buried on Friday has now risen from the dead and so they’ve been processing all that He’d told them and how they may have misunderstood so much of it.  They thought they were getting an earthly king.  Instead, now, they are trying to replace that thinking with what they hadn’t understood correctly.

I have known all my life that Christ died for my sins.  I was 10 or 11 when I asked Him into my heart and I know He did come in.  What I didn’t understand was the huge gap between what I actually knew about Him verses Who He really is.  I had my own expectations of Christ like:  “now that He is in my heart dad will not treat me the way he does” and “now that He is in my heart my brother will stop what he’s doing to me”  and “now that He lives in my heart I won’t be ‘different’ boy”.  None of that happened and so I thought this was about my value to Christ.  I even thought it was about the fact that maybe Christ wasn’t as powerful as I thought.  I know now that Satan feeds this confusing thinking to the point of complete isolation where I lived for decades.

Christ arising yesterday doesn’t end the Easter story.  He stayed with the disciples until they better understood just Who He really is and what His Kingship is and what He truly meant by it.  He also gave them their assignment.  Today I much better understand who Jesus is.  The confusion I’ve had in the past is now much more fully understood.  I also know my assignment in how He wants my past to be used by Him to break the bondages others still carry.

I challenge you to take the time to reflect on the full understanding of Christ in your life.  He wants us to not only know He is the King of Kings, but that this very King has a purpose for each of us and it includes His leadership.  Don’t keep in isolation if this is unknown to you.  Christ wants the shackles broken from the bondage of sin.  Reach out to Him and to whomever He may be nudging you.  To God be all Glory.  Great things He has done and will do as we continue on the journey of this life with Him.

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