The Journey Continues: April 30, 2018

My word, spring is rolling right along.  It’s the last day of April.  After church yesterday, where the choir number went well, I left for eastern Idaho.  Today, I’m headed to a district here I worked with a month ago.  They had so many issues to address I was asked to come back and give a day of technical assistance.  There is another person who lives here also helping.  When we were here a month ago we were met with an attitude by a couple of the administrators which I wanted to strangle right then and there.  However, I kept my helping hat on and finished.  Now that we are back I want to address this attitude from the get-go.  I asked God about it this am and it was insightful what He said.  It was like this, “If you make it about you, they will continue to think they only have to do this while you are here.  If you make it about my creations, kids, then they will see the value of the message.”  I would only want to do this, but when there is human emotion driving the statements its easy to turn the message right back to me.  So, I’ve surrendered this to God and I will go into the day starting it with a message as to why we are here that honors the very One who created us all.

God is such a good God.  I’m continuously amazed He wants to spend time with me–us.  Yet He does.  He says He created us for this purpose.  I am humbled and honored by this and only want to honor Him in return.  To God be all the Glory!

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