The Journey Continues: May 1, 2018

The day of working with the school district yesterday ended with much success.  My concern about attitudes and the talk to address the day was well received.  By noon time we were already well ahead of where we thought we’d be and by 3:30 pm we had done all we had gone to do and much more.  I could hardly believe we were working at the same place with the same people where we’d been a month ago.

This morning’s devotional time was very much focused on the work we are to do.  No matter who gives the assignment, if we have accepted it, we are to do it as unto the Lord.  I pondered this a while.  Even though I’ve spent all of my working years in the arena of education, I’ve also spent a considerable amount of time volunteering with “church work” or now–recovery work plus a few additions such as choir, quartet, etc.  I appreciate work done well but I’d lost sight of the truth that all we do we are to do unto the Lord.  I don’t want to any longer do anything less than this.  This includes what I do for my marriage, my time with my kids and grandkids.  It isn’t enough that I show up.  If all I do is be there my attention is more about satisfying me rather than my Father.

God is never done completing us into His Image for us.  I’m amazed how graciously He does this too.  One bite at a time and then He gives us opportunity to digest the bite and put it into our daily routine.  I’m sure this one will take some time for I have my selfish moments such as my gardening time.  Yet, as I write this I awaken to the fact that I do find much pleasure in gardening, but I also want it done well so the beauty of it shows forth.  Lets honor God today throughout the day and remember what the Serenity Prayer tells us–“One day at a time, one moment at a time….”

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