The Journey Continues: May 21, 2018

When there are a multitude of unanswered questions in my mind I want to go to what I know I can do and lose myself there.  However, when I have done this in my past I’m running away from the unanswered questions and the agony they cause within me.  This is what I am wanting to do right now with things like:  “How do I help my sis?”, “How do I promote this new recovery ministry so our church people embrace anyone who steps into these classes–especially the ones about homosexuality?”, “How do I prepare to be the leader in this God is wanting me to be?”.  As I was having my devotional reading, Bible reading, this morning God was showing me all the unknowns He was having Joshua (now leader of the Israelites after Moses death) face.  Joshua didn’t have answers to all his concerns, but He had faith in God Himself.  God told Joshua to be strong and courageous and to take the steps He would give him at the time he was to take them.  So, this time I’m not going to run and hide in work I can do.  I will do the work but I will also keep myself awake to what I don’t know to do attempting to listen and hear when God says it is time to move.

The fear of taking steps into the unknown was paralyzing for me for all of my life until these past few ones.  Even though I sense fear I do not ever want it to be what stops me.  Today I will do what God asks me to do and rejoice in the truth that God is my Guide and His Son Jesus is my Lord and Master.  His Holy Spirit Who lives within me will nudge me each time I’m to respond to Him.  I love Him for all of this.

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