The Journey Continues: May 22, 2018

Today’s devotional time has been an eye opening experience.  It all started with my Blackaby devotional reading where they talked about the consequence of David’s sin when he had the affair with Bathsheba.  God forgave his sin but sin still had consequences for him and his family which plagued him for the remainder of his life.  We need to know this about sin and intentionally stepping into it.  Secondly, as I began to read in Joshua 5 it said God told Joshua to circumcise the children of Israel.  Since their 40 years of wondering in the wilderness, none of them had been.  The ones who had been born in Egypt had but they were now all dead.  God goes on to tell Joshua that the circumcision is to roll away the reproach of Egypt on them.

I had not ever looked into the word reproach.  I think I first heard it in the old hymn–The Old Rugged Cross where it says in the 4th verse:  “To that old rugged cross I will ever be true.  Its shame and reproach gladly bear….”  As I saw this word in scripture reading I was wondering just exactly its meaning.  When I looked it up I found that it means removing the shame, disgrace and blame.  The children of Israel had been slaves for 400 years in Egypt and God wanted all of these men to now know He had cut away all of their shame of being slaves to other men.  They were to become victors in the land they were being given by God their Father.  They were no longer slaves, but they were now to be victors.

This hit me like a tidal wave with understanding like I’ve not had before.  I’m sure these people needed to learn what it was to be independent of man’s ownership.  They had been dependent on someone else for 400 years.  I had my own beliefs about my value to man and being a slave to what I thought in my head–believed about myself.  God has been trying to give me His reproach for years but I couldn’t see it.  I’ve been too blind until the blinders were lifted this morning.  So, I gave this belief I’ve had to Jesus so He could bury it once and for all where He had already done it so many years ago.

I’m sure there is more God will be teaching me now that these blinders are gone.  Satan has wanted me to be blind to God’s Grace by only seeing my own disgrace.  That is now gone.  I see and accept God’s Grace.  Join me if this has been a life-long struggle for you.

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