The Journey Continues: May 28, 2018

Today is Memorial Day.  We drove to Oregon yesterday after church to spend a couple days with Kathy’s sister in Joseph.  As we passed through Wallowa we took the back road and went by the cemetery where her parents and a host of relatives are buried.  It’s a pristine setting but it always leaves me with a sense of emptiness.  I don’t like to revisit thoughts of ones I’ve loved.  It is easier to simply bypass them and stay focused on the day’s events whatever they are.  However, God wants me to never let go of the truth that no relationship is to be treasured as the one with Him.  His promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us is absolutely true.  It has taken me many therapy and counseling sessions to find this truth, but now that I have it I sure want to help others who struggle to know this about Him.  I  never did get to have the relationship with my dad and mom I always hoped to have.  However, God has brought peace to replace the anguish I use to carry.  I praise Him for this.

My selfish incentive to come to Joseph is I get to prune my sis-in-law’s raspberry patch.  I’ve already scoped it out and it won’t take long.  There are probably other yard chores I can help with.  Sometimes it is nice to simply be away for a moment to regain a perspective we didn’t know we had lost.  God was reminding me of this when I asked Him what He wanted me to know for today?  He is virtually in everything and has created all we see.  This lovely country of Wallowa Oregon is a perfect example of His created beauty.  I forget the effects of it on me when I’ve been away for a year.  I just want to say, “Thank you God for having us take a moment to reawaken to the majesty of your handiwork!”

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