The Journey Continues: June 4, 2018

Yesterday was a most insightful day.  As I got to church early for choir warm-up I knew immediately the song we were singing was going to be sung for the man I met with Saturday.  It was titled, “Even in the Valley”.  I texted him just to let him know God was going to minister to him this morning.  It wasn’t until I was headed home that I saw I had 6 texts from him which had come during church.  When I got to my house I read them to find he hadn’t come.  Things had worsened.  The details are many but the results were in God’s control just as they are when one is staying obedient to Him.  In not coming to church this man came face to face with his uncle.  This one relative heard all that was taking place.  Instead of chastising, this uncle said, “I love you.  Feel free to talk to me anytime you want.  I won’t judge anyone, but I will be here for you.”  God is amazing this way.

As I was having my devotional time I read in I Samuel where the Spirit left Saul and God told Samuel to anoint Jesse’s son who turned out to be David.  When Samuel did anoint him with oil, the scripture says God’s Spirit came upon him.  As I was journaling later I wrote that I’d really like it if God would make His Spirit that alive in me.  As I was writing it I was checked because I instantly realized once again that the Spirit lives in me because of my accepting Christ in my heart.  Yet, I don’t sense His leading as I would like.  As soon as this was on paper God reminded me that the Spirit is in me for the purpose of obedience.  There are a couple things God has been wanting me to take action on and I keep making excuses for not doing so.  In my eyes if I do take action it will have the people thinking I want things just about me.  (I have this constant voice screaming in my head which I know comes from my childhood.  I can do all I want to help others obey, but if I do it, it is always about conceit on my part–the voice in my head says.)  So, today I will complete the one and the other one I can complete tomorrow as the right people will be together.  My whole body tenses as I type this, but I know God is wanting my obedience.  It is all for very good reasons, but doing something just for me is only judged as selfish the voice says.  It is time to obey God’s voice and not the old man voice within.

God’s patience with us is amazing.  I look forward to stepping into obedience and getting to the other side of it relating to these two items.

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