The Journey Continues: July 8, 2018

God is Almighty!  With His presence and with His command entire armies are defeated and have been defeated over and over again.  The stronghold of my heart is being done away with too by this Almighty God.

As I wrote yesterday’s blog I had come up against some personal beliefs I had not overcome about me and my worthiness of God’s use.  The simple fact that sin still exists in my life at times and that temptations of sin are present too routinely keep me in constant anxiety.  What if I slip into sin again?  I will need to be cast out.  Writing yesterday’s truth about my heart freed me to come face to face with God about this fear and unworthiness.

During the day God showed me much about His intimacy and how I can trust it as genuine and steadfast.  Man is selfish in his intimacy and interpretation of it, but not God.  Man also sees intimacy too often as sexual only.  God sees it and wants me to see it as trust and faith in every aspect of living with and for Him.  He also wants me to see that my life with the family He has given me can be just as trusted as my life with Him can be trusted.  I can anchor into all of this.

Intimacy was never known to me as a child.  My sexual abuse started before I was old enough to know anything about intimacy.  The verbal abuse from dad about who I am was so laden with dad’s disgust that I never began to develop any kind of assuredness that I’m OK.  Then my divorce after 7 years of marriage cinched it for me.  I was unworthy of love and couldn’t be trusted with love.

Now God is proving to me He didn’t make any mistake.  Man’s lack of nurture and love was used by Satan to build a belief system where Satan could easily manipulate what I believe and how far I could go in serving God.  Well, God is shattering all of that old man belief!  How much I love and appreciate this Almighty God we serve!  His ALMIGHTY is just as powerful in the loving details of our lives as it is in the vastness of creating our universe.  How much I want to love and serve Him well!

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