The Journey Continues: July 9, 2018

FEAR–does it ever go away?  I suppose not in this human life we live.  I awoke early this morning battling it.  I was able to surrender it but it didn’t dissipate.  As I got up and had my devotions I found fear dominating my scripture reading.  I’ve finished II Chronicles and started Ezra.  Ezra 3:3 states, “…for fear was upon them….”  Joyce Meyer has a footnote which says, “God moves on our behalf when we focus on Him instead of on our fears.  The feeling of fear or fearful thoughts is simply our enemy Satan trying to distract us from God and His will for our lives.  We would do well to follow the Israelites’ example in Ezra 3:3 and focus on God, worshipping Him with all our hearts….”

Being much more awake to my feelings as I am today I recognize fear for what it is.  I also recognize how much I do struggle with it and have done so all my life.  I was in denial of it for most of my life.  I had it walled off just like I did so many other feelings.  It is good to know it is only a temptation.  Satan plants the seed for it just as Joyce said.  He wants to distract me from God’s leading in my life.

I was journaling about all of this following my scripture reading.  God guided my thoughts to His Son’s response in the garden where he went following the last supper with his disciples.  Even Christ had his moments of fear and struggle.  But, what did he do with it?  He took it to His Father just as God is wanting me (us) to do with it.  Christ was completing His work for His Father.  God is wanting us to do the same as He guides us each and every day.  When I was a boy the fears I had left me helpless for I had no control over the days and the outcomes of them.  However, that is not the case any longer.  I know now (or am learning) to surrender these fears to God and to also let them go.  Instead of hanging onto them, I thank God for what He is preparing to do with all that Satan wants me to be anxious about.  God is ALMIGHTY and He wants me remembering it each and every day.

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