The Journey Continues: July 10, 2018

When I was in junior high and high school I use to greatly enjoy track.  I’m not good in many sports and I don’t have much interest in them.  But, when it came to track and gymnastics I liked them a lot.  I suppose that was in part because I was fairly good at them.  Hurdles were one of the ones I did enjoy and I also won in them.  Of course it was never in competition except during PE class because we could never stay after school for sports.  We had cows to milk and dad wasn’t one to do our chores so we could participate in sports.

I write this little sports item because this morning I’ve been reflecting a moment on this year of 2018.  At the beginning of each year I have a hope that the year will be one of joy and fulfillment.  If someone asked me what that would look like I’d say something like–trouble free.  As I was having my devotions I read about all the issues the Jews were having as they had gone back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple (found in Ezra).  The local foreigners didn’t want it rebuilt.  They feared the God who lived in it and who was worshipped in it by the Jews.  They did much to stop or delay its reconstruction.  Joyce Meyer says in a script she wrote that we often want to avoid at all cost the obstacles which look like conflict and work.  However, God wants us to face them.  It is in facing them and overcoming them that we find victory and we can see Him at His Work.

These hurdles in life are to be faced and jumped.  Just like running the hurdles in PE, there is joy when one gets to the end of the race and you have completed the jumps which are now behind you and not facing you.  I needed this message this morning.  These fears I’ve been writing about the past couple days are hurdles.  I’ve avoided so many hurdles in my past by denying their existence or simply trying to skirt around them, but now God wants me facing them.  His Work He has me doing isn’t about denying or skirting anymore.  If I’m going to be helping others face their demons I need to face my own.  So, this morning God and I decided we like jumping hurdles and finding the victory which comes at the end of the race.  Ready–Set–Go!

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