The Journey Continues: July 11, 2018

This morning God wanted me to face and commit to jumping one of the hurdles I was facing yesterday when I wrote the blog.  In the recovery ministry classes we will be starting this fall, the four of them are all centered around sexual brokenness.  I continually live in the fear that the brokenness of my life will never be healed so I could be “perfect” like everyone around me.  The moments in life whether days or minutes when I don’t feel broken are reprieves from the other times when I am brought back to the reality of the brokenness.  This hurdle has been a haunt all of my life.

Today in my scripture reading God had Ezra tell the returning Israelites they are to make a covenant with God of their faith, commitment and surrender.  They will not destroy their sexual purity with God by marrying foreign women and worshiping their gods as was started by Solomon.  Last night I was listening to Joyce Meyer as she spoke on TV.  She was challenging the audience to obey God when He speaks.  This morning God spoke telling me He wanted me to no longer face these recovery classes in fear, but in faith, commitment and surrender.  My fear of my own brokenness still owning me is just that–fear.  God took care of that brokenness and now it is time for me to live in the freedom full time.  When I start to fear I tell my accountability.  I’ve already contacted him this morning.

Satan wants me hearing him remind me how many times I’ve failed at this.  It is already happening even as I write this.  BUT, I am praising God for His Promise that Jesus Christ’s work on the Cross replaced my brokenness when I asked Christ into my heart.  It has taken me a lifetime to claim this, but today I claim it as mine 24-7.  Praising God disempowers the enemy and allows God’s Power to be put into action.  So, in this I will praise God both in word and in song.

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