The Journey Continues: July 12, 2018

Kathy and I drove to Joseph, OR yesterday to be with her family here for their annual reunion.  As we drove the 4 hour trek we listened to a CD given to me last Sunday by my mentor and friend.  I wasn’t sure what it was about, but she has never given me anything that wasn’t meat and potatoes for my journey.   As God always does, it was spot on for my next step.  The focus of the talk was Satan using our past to lay claim before God just as he did with Job or as Jesus said to Peter that Satan was attempting to stop all of the intended work God had for him.  All of this is in the spiritual world so we don’t see it but we certainly feel it and are bombarded by the effects of the attacks.

The speaker in the CD was telling how we can confess any sins which may be used by Satan both sins done to us as well as sins we have committed.  In hearing “done to us” I hadn’t ever known I could repent of those sins.  I’ve lived in the bondage of them thinking and hoping dad and my brother had repented of theirs so they wouldn’t own me.  Satan has used them all my life.  While I was driving and listening I asked God to take those sins done to me and that I repent of them and leave them at the Cross of Jesus.  It was amazing.  There was much more the speaker was saying, but this was a prominent message for me to hear.

God is truly uprooting all the lies which have been buried within me.  I’m so grateful for God’s faithfulness as well as inspiring those He has placed in our lives to continue to help us with our overcoming.  This is my hope and my prayers for the forthcoming recovery classes.  God is wanting all of us to find the freedom of sin’s bondage.  God is wanting His truth to be known for the victims He is preparing to come for their own healing.  May we be a beacon for God in this where He is opening doors for others to step through.

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