The Journey Continues: July 13, 2018

Yes, the journey continues.  Right now I’m glad the journey has us in Wallowa, OR where Kathy was born and raised.  Being here for her family reunion puts me in touch with her younger brother who was the very one that introduced me to Celebrate Recovery long before we ever got it started at our church.  I’ve learned to trust and respect him for he is one who not only has found his sobriety, but he is instrumental in mentoring, sponsoring and guiding ones seeking help in the programs that he helps lead back in western Oregon.  I love having him as a sounding board.  On top of all of this, he has a great sense of humor as well as does his wife.  This makes time for humor as well as great counsel.

Being away from home does allow God to give perspective to the work he asks us to do for His Kingdom.  One can see it differently than when one is in the midst of it.  I am seeing that as I’m here and working through items I’ve had in my head and being somewhat nervous/fearful about.  God wants His Work anchored in trusting Him and this is just what He is doing while we are here.  I thank Him so much for this.  God is good all the time and all the time God is GOOD!

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