The Journey Continues: July 14, 2018

Kathy’s family reunion is today and while this is happening here, I have two sisters flying in at home for the reunion my family will have a week from today.  The other sis is flying in next Tuesday with her daughter.  All of this is for a good time reconnecting.

When I journal each day I always ask the question regarding what God wants me to know from Him for today.  Every so often there is a specific action He wants me to take.  As I was rereading yesterday’s journal entry there was an action I’d written and I did not act on it–in fact, I’d forgotten entirely about it.  The conversations of the day led me to think that acting on it today would not be the right thing to do.  However, when I asked God again if He wanted me to act on this He seemed to remind me that He doesn’t change His mind.  The things about yesterday were just that–things.  I needed to learn to trust God’s voice in my life as definite.  Too often I have preconceptions about outcomes that are not in alignment with God.  So, I’ll follow through today with my task of yesterday.

Learning to trust God all the time and not to question steps He gives me to take will be an area of growth for me.  I’ll likely stay here for quite some time.  And now it is time to start being a good boy and helping where my wife and sis in law direct.  This is their day!

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