The Journey Continues: July 15, 2018

Today we will head back to Idaho.  It has been a great time here with Kathy’s family.  The reunion was enjoyable with so many of Kathy’s mom’s family.  They are a gregarious bunch.  I’ve personally enjoyed the time with Kathy’s brother who is the one who originally brought me to Celebrate Recovery so many years back.  His own walk with recovery is now having him engaged with recovery ministries that allow his past to help others with their present and future.  God keeps putting him into ministry work that parallels with my own.  He and I are going to stay in touch more closely as we continue this Kingdom Work God has given us to do.

Yesterday I mentioned about obeying God’s voice when I hear Him tell me something He wants me to do.  Today in scripture reading I read about Esther.  Of all the people to become a queen, she would never have been picked out by man’s ways.  However, God had a plan that was put into place because His kids were good listeners and obeyed what He had them to do.  Joyce Meyer has a footnote at this point saying that God does give us direction and insights as to His plan for us when we ask and obey His voice/direction.  Along with this, Jesus is often called our Counselor/Guide.  However, His voice is not to be considered as optional, even though we have the choice to not follow it.  God has always given man choice.  However, I am greatly learning that to be a Godly servant completing Kingdom Work for God, it is not an option for us to disobey the nudges He gives us.  If we do disobey He will find someone else to do what He has asked of us.  We miss out on the glory of knowing and being part of the affirmation which comes from obedience.  I don’t want to be one of those who only does what he wants to do from God’s direction.

As I head home I sense God leading me into better obedience.  I’d like to think I’ve been obedient, but I know that isn’t true.  I am one who is obedient when it doesn’t stress me too much.  I’m finding that the stress I feel is simply me trying to determine what obeying God’s direction will lead me to.  Instead, I want to leave my thinking out and act on what God says.  It gives new meaning to the Serenity Prayer’s line about “…one day at a time and one moment at a time taking hardship as a pathway to peace.”  I see hardships if I try to determine the outcome of God’s leading.  Instead of this, I want to obey knowing even if there are hardships, God will see to them.

Trust & Obey, that is God’s message for today.

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