The Journey Continues: July 16, 2018

This week is my own family reunion week.  When we got home I quickly got the lawn mowed, something I rarely do on a Sunday.  But, I needed it out of the way and besides, the garbage is picked up early this morning and I didn’t want two weeks of it sitting at the driveway all week long.

In getting home I knew my brothers and sis-in-laws were eager to get details outlined for the week and I’d said I’d call when I got home and had the lawn mowed.  In so doing I found there was dissention.  We got together last night and in an hour we had all the details outlined and all were happy.  God was showing me a nudge I hadn’t listened to however that caused the dissention.  I hadn’t called my two brothers with the arrival times for my sis’s flying in and their wives particularly were upset that I was being negligent about this.  The thing that got me was I had more than once been nudged to get this info to them but I simply didn’t do it.  It always seemed to be when I was doing something else “more important” at the time.  I’m writing this today because over the weekend God had been talking to me about my obedience to Him.  Last night when I found out that my two sis-in-laws were upset like they were and it was my fault, I heard God say, “See, this is why I nudge you.”  I told them I was sorry and the evening was over and all is well.  I learned my lesson.  I don’t want to be the cause of dissention when it is triggered by disobedience to God’s nudging.

This morning God is helping me to see how Satan’s devious ways are interwoven into our daily lives just like this.  I don’t call when I am nudged to do so and when the family arrives, everyone is out of sorts so we can’t enjoy one another’s company like was planned.  I sure don’t want to be an initiator of this or one of Satan’s ploys.  OK, lesson learned.  Now to enjoy day one with the family.

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