The Journey Continues: July 17, 2018

Today our remaining siblings will be together as our oldest living sis and her daughter fly in tonight.  The rest of us are meeting for lunch earlier today which will be a start to some fun times.  As I started my devotions this morning I had my typical anxiousness.  I didn’t want to dwell in it but I am learning that my feelings are often twisted by Satan’s deceptions stifling me from taking steps God’s Light would have me act on.  I don’t want to be crippled any longer from this so I took it immediately to God Who began to shed Light of His choosing. It seemed to start with—-

Yesterday afternoon I had finished the chores I was wanting to complete for the day, freezing blackberries (2 gallons) and canning some beans I had picked earlier at my brother’s place.  Kathy was gone to the store so I went on-line to the facilitator training I’m taking for one of the groups we will start this fall addressing abuse.  An assignment I was to complete had me pausing before God and choosing an anchoring verse God would give me.  As I did this He brought to mind a song I’ve sung in years past which I knew was a verse but didn’t know where it was found.  I asked Siri to help me and it is Psalms 27:1:  “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom then shall I fear?  The Lord is the Strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?”

I know my younger brother and younger sis are concerned about the spiritual walk for a couple of our older siblings.  Yes, they have a relationship with God but they do not know God’s freedom.  They are lost in what “church” said in times past rather than freed from what Christ says separate from church laws.  This is all confusing in one’s mind when dad would claim his Christianity yet beat his kids and say awful things to us in his anger and pride.  I have had my own battle finding God’s freedom and I now sense God wanting this topic to be opened for our family members.  I’m going to bring this to my younger two siblings to see what God may be placing on their hearts.  It is like God is saying that He wants His freedom known within the family too, not just those in the world around us where the ministry work forthcoming is addressing.

Instead of fearing this chance I’m going to embrace it and see what doors/windows of opportunity God is opening.  I have known bondage my entire life.  Today I thank God for His Freedom and I want to be a helpmate for others to know their own including my own family.


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