The Journey Continues: July 18, 2018

My sis and her daughter arrived on schedule last night and are settled into our home.  I was able to talk to my younger brother and sis last night about bringing up the topic of each one’s personal relationship with God as we all come together this Saturday.  My brother was comfortable with the idea as long as we don’t try to be preachy with it.  That was all we knew growing up as well as the condemning side of the topic.  Along with that the hypocritical side was the most offensive due to our dad and a couple other close relatives.

As I was reading my devotions this morning God was impressing on me about the desires of His Heart.  As we go to Him with the desires of our heart, we ought to first seek to know the desires of His Heart to ensure we are only seeking that which first pleases Him.  He doesn’t want us preaching to our family or condemning them if they don’t live as a religion says they ought.  He wants us to reflect Him as we talk.  He will inspire and provide the words that shed this Light.  This He confirmed this morning once again.

As God and I were meditating I asked Him about the fear I sense regarding this.  He reminded me that there is no fear once the step into obedience is taken.  He replaces any fear with His Light.  In this Light will be words to share inspired by His Holy Spirit.  He will also provide the listening ear and any responses to follow.  I do love God and want only to complete His Heart.  God is so amazing!

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