The Journey Continues: July 19, 2018

Today I take a detour from the family to re-enter the consulting work for education for a couple days of pre-training with the author of the work we will be addressing.  It was almost like I was abandoning the family to do this. I was thinking I had misinterpreted God’s voice last spring when all of this new consulting opportunity was being developed.  My mind has been preoccupied with what God wants me to do with my family while we are all together.  However, as I took this to Him this morning He reminded me that I simply have more than one assignment.  As an educator I certainly know about multiple assignments due in a day or over a period of time.  Life in and of itself isn’t just one assignment.  I get so occupied with the topic at hand and then I question whether I should have ever stepped into something else.  Yet, at the time of stepping into the other I knew God was leading me there.  I just forget the emotional tug God was giving at that time and replace it with the tug of the present thinking the present tug is now the only right one.

I certainly realize today more than ever I am man and God is God.  Now that I’ve learned to not compare me to dad to determine my worth, I realize man simply does this comparison thing all the time.  God wants me to lift my eyes only to Him to see what He wants done.  I may confirm it with man He such as my wife, but leave it there.  God is God and I want most of all to be His obedient servant.

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