The Journey Continues: July 29, 2018

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.”  Most, if not all of us, know this song/hymn.  As I was reflecting/meditating this morning upon yesterday’s reunion and today’s kick-off of our recovery ministries, this song came to mind.  God has been bringing Grace up to me for a couple days now.  When I began to write in my journal the hymn’s words above I came to sound and stopped.  It says: “how sweet the sound”.

I asked God what the sound of Grace is?  The rest of my devotional time was then filled with God’s responses.  The window behind me was open and a hummingbird was right outside so the sound of its wings was present, the quail singing was right behind the fluttering wings.  God said, “This is Grace–it’s Peace–My Peace for you.”  He then went on to unfold so much more.  As the songs goes on it says, “saves a wretch like me”.  I instantly knew what that sounds like.  The silent sobs of regret, guilt, shame and sometimes the loud wails of this.  God said this too is Grace.  He then reminded me that today we will have people coming to a table of resources for the forthcoming classes which will be starting very soon.  The whispered bits and pieces of hurt, hang-ups and habits will be shared with HOPE for themselves or for the one they represent.  This too is sounds of Grace–Hope for the hurting.

Grace doesn’t build what man builds.  Grace builds confidence, assurance, and fortitude.  Grace provides a means of strength that man cannot see for it comes from the depth of his soul where only the Holy Spirit resides.  Grace provides the direct connection of man to God’s Holy Spirit within.  The sounds of Grace are spirit sounds.  Today I am going to be listening directly for them as we introduce the new recovery ministries to a listening audience.

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