The Journey Continues: July 30, 2018

“…Grace–How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me….”.  These words keep coming to mind along with the newer version of Amazing Grace.  It goes:  “Amazing Grace–how sweet the sound–Amazing Love now flowing down….”  Grace is something all of us should take time to better understand.

Yesterday, the introduction of our forthcoming Recovery Ministries was incredible.  The speaker from Pure Desire did an outstanding job.  The table of resources was attended by scores of people seeking resources and asking many questions. Yesterday when I was journaling about what Grace sounds like, God told me I’d hear it in the morning.  It sounded like hope for lost ones.  A grandma talked with me about her grandson who she is going to talk with this week.  A lady talked with hope for her friend who calls himself gay but doesn’t want to join this life.  Men and women came to get the information for the classes of their interest and need.  The sounds and the looks of Grace were abundant.

When I was growing up we sang the hymn Amazing Grace often.  However, we didn’t support Grace the way it is supported today.  Then, Grace was closely accompanied with condemnation and judgment.  Yes, the day for this will come for all of us, but in-between them is God’s gracious patience waiting for us to realize His compassionate love and grace which is waiting for us to receive through His Son–Jesus Christ.  He doesn’t want us to stop though with only acceptance.  This is a beginning of the rest of our lives both here on earth and then for eternity.  There is a lot more of the freedom of eternity available here on earth I’m finding when we learn to let go and surrender to all that God has for us.  It is in this surrender that we find the abundant Grace.  This Grace covers us but more importantly for me is that it permeates me.  This simply brings me to tears each time.  For SO LONG I ached with the sinfulness I thought I was from the sins done to me.  I could not find cleansing for them.  But God’s Grace has now done this cleansing once and for all.  It has taken years of building trust and letting go of my control/walls I thought were protecting me from more harm.

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, Amazing Love, now flowing down….”  Stop for a moment and let it cover you and permeate you by receiving and surrendering.

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