The Journey Continues: Aug. 4, 2018

As we headed home yesterday I was hoping for a time to talk with our worship pastor.  I’ve never known someone in this position who not only has the skill set to lead worship well, but to articulate it equally as well.  As I get closer to the start of our recovery classes, I know God wants us leading those who will come to learn to be in worship of Him.  I wanted her insights on what this would look like and be like.  I shouldn’t have been surprised by the first thing out of her mouth, but I was.  She said, “Worship starts first with our personal relationship to God.  It is from this we can then corporately worship.”

Anymore, the body of believers seem to think that worship is the time in a church service where we sing.  I’ve been there for a long time in my belief.  God is getting me focused on His definition of worship which is all about our relationship with Him and our desire to acclaim Him as Lord, Father God, Savior, Creator and Master of the Universe.  There is so much more but worship does include an intense amount of genuine thanksgiving for Who God is and our respect and thanks for it.  In addition to this my most precious thanks comes from my heart to God for His Intimate Love for each of us–including me.  God is truly teaching me about love.  I’ve known about this topic all my life but what I’ve known has been delivered more from the examples of what it isn’t rather than what it is.  Trusting Love has been a lifelong learning for me.  God has been demonstrating so steadfastly how much His Love is not only Intimate, but it is also Stable and Firm.  I can always rely on it.

The ones who will be coming to our classes will likely know little about a trusting relationship with God that has worship at the core.  Over the time we will be together, God will be exposed in many ways as well as helping them expose what needs to be healed in their lives.  This is always a painful experience just like any physical surgery is.  However, at the core of this healing is The Father Who Created Us to be what He intended from the start.  I know God is wanting each of us to be anchored in this for ourselves as we step into helping others do the same.

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