The Journey Continues: Aug. 5, 2018

Today starts our first recovery class.  This one is a readiness class.  It is one created to give the attendees knowledge about sexual brokenness and its impact on a person’s emotional, physical,  and mental well-being.  It will continue for 6 weeks and then we will start the journey of taking individuals through the actual recovery classes which go deeply into the hurts & habits stifling them.  A great deal of research is embedded into the DVD’s and the authors’ work.

It is funny what happens to someone’s belief in a week’s time.  Last week after our keynote speaker was here many of us just knew we’d not have enough room in our classroom for all who will be attending.  Now that the week has past and we are ready to begin the first day of the class my fears are trying to set in.  I quickly wonder if anyone at all will even come?  Yes, I’m moving forward in spite of them, but I will be glad when this first leg is done.

I’ve needed to write this.  In so doing I easily see that my eyes have shifted from the ones hurting, to me.  I don’t ever want that to be where I place my time and effort.  (God forgive me).  Today God is going to be glorified in miraculous ways!  To God be all glory for great things He has done!

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