The Journey Continues: Aug. 19, 2018

Today is another day to give thanksgiving and praise to God my Father.  This morning another lady and I will sing a duet with our church choir in the background.  The song is Be Strong and Take Courage.  It comes straight from Joshua 1:9.  Up until the last 15 years or so special music each Sunday morning was expected.  I would often be part of it in our church.  As the trend of worship shifted in churches today I’ve missed somewhat this practice, but mostly I’ve been grateful I didn’t need to try and be good enough to deliver God’s message through song.  I could enjoy church without the need to be good enough.  I write this today because God has done a miracle inside of me.  I know that within myself I am not good enough to ever deliver a message for God, but now that I am convinced this God I serve is within me, I am honored and privileged to deliver this song in Praise and Thanksgiving.

When Joshua took the children of Israel across the Jordan River to conquer Jericho, the river was at flood stage.  However, when the army choir stepped into the river while singing, the water parted.  Today, as worship begins, the water will part and those who doubt, those who hurt, those who praise, those who simply don’t know will all know the Presence of the One True God.  My privilege is to get to be part of the army choir singing God’s praise and experiencing the water parting.  How great our God is!

When my sis in law and I got to the hospital yesterday my brother was like a new man.  He chatted continuously for 1.5 hours.  Much of it was centered around how God has been talking to him.  So much of his own trauma with our childhood has been placed in order by God and Herb is able to honor God in spite of it and now use it as God has been teaching me to do.  The rest of my day was one of thanksgiving knowing how faithful our God is.  How much I love Him.  Join me today in Honoring this God we are privileged to serve.

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