The Journey Continues: Aug. 25, 2018

So what about love?  When I spent time yesterday doing what was to be done: working in my brother’s garden and then in my own, mowing the lawn, etc., I found myself not being so troubled with this love item.  The only times I’ve heard anyone say “I’m in love with you” is when they are courting one another.  Last night Kathy and I were going to dinner with friends and I asked her about the two phrases.  She’d read yesterday’s blog so she was familiar with it.  She wasn’t at all troubled by the two phrases.  She simply said the “I love you” is the phrase one uses after they say “I’m in love” with you.  It is as though the one phrase is an awakening phrase and the other is the confirmation of wanting a lifetime commitment.  I’m probably making this much bigger than it is, however, the piece that hits me this morning is about spirit.  It seems our spirit is the driver of love.  I loved my mom due to her gentle, loving spirit.  I resented my dad due to his selfish, conceited spirit.

These past two years+ have been spent journaling to God Himself.  In this time I can honestly say I have moved into a belief and state of being that now trusts God fully and deeply respects and appreciates Him.  I can honestly say, I love Him and over the two year time I have been falling in love with Him due to the continuous discoveries of His steadfastness and the truth of every scripture He has had written in His Word–the Bible.  When I realized in loving God I am also loving His Holy Spirit, it is helping me come to know The Holy Spirit that lives within me.  This is the remarkable part.  This God I love is Spirit and His Holy Spirit has been given to me to live within me.  Awakening to my spirit and to God’s Holy Spirit helps me to be more anchored in what God is doing and what He wants me doing to support it.  Wow, do I love Him!

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