The Journey Continues: Sept. 4, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about our pastor’s sermon series on Compassion.  Little did I know just how much God was going to have me wrestle with this term.  This morning in my scripture reading in Isaiah 14:12-15, Isaiah is writing about Satan.  In these few verses Satan says, “I will” five times.  I found myself realizing this is exactly what Satan tries to get us to do.  He wants us to think–“I will” is the right way to do things.  For a man it is exactly what our society teaches.  A man is to be strong so he can do whatever needs done.  If we are incapable of this we think we are a failure.  (I am truly expressing myself right now).  I know these are lies from Satan which I’ve believed all my life, but of late I am learning to reverse this thinking.

The word Compassion is a spiritual term.  Only in our heart (spirit) do we first know and experience compassion.  Living out compassion needs for us to stay in touch with our spirit and the spirit of those around us throughout each day.  Compassion is a power word because it comes directly from God’s nature.  When we allow ourselves to address the compassion our spirit senses from the motivation of The Holy Spirit it will be accompanied with power.  The power will not be enacted unless we act on whatever the compassion is compelling us to do.  Let me give a concrete example now.

The recovery ministries we do were first and foremost inspired from compassion.  In acting on them last winter we did a 6 week class for those interested to heighten the awareness of our sensitivity to the raw needs which we will be addressing.  The people who come will need compassion.  This summer in prepping myself with the curriculums we will be using I’ve allowed myself to become increasing fearful that I am inadequate–which in man’s terms–I am.  Man has layered the skillfulness of one another by the degrees we carry.  I’ve fed into man’s thinking.  In the past couple weeks God has been reawakening in me my need to stay in spirit and truth.  His truth is that He is the answer to these needs.  He is the Healer, not man’s counselors, etc.  Yes, they can be helpful but even my counselors weren’t my healers.  God multiplies the spiritual food we offer to these ones who will come and they are satisfied.  (Here I’m referencing to what I wrote yesterday).

There is so much God is helping me see about living in spirit and truth.  I can’t do this living as I’ve always done.  Staying sensitive to the spirit of the environment with those around me is critical.  I cannot expect what I see and hear to be my motivation.  Compassion is known from what our spirit senses.  Our spirit senses compassion need and then God gives us power to address the needs if we rely on The Holy Spirit’s prodding.  It is here we find what God desires us to address and then the power to address it.  I believe I will be here in this lesson for quite some time and it will be worth it all!

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