The Journey Continues: Sept. 6, 2018

Today my brother who has been in the hospital and then rehab for the past 4 weeks and 2 days is coming home.  He is doing GREAT.  Of course he has to remain in a wheelchair for the next 6 weeks allowing his pelvic bone to completely heal, but all is coming nicely and he can continue the healing at home now.  Thank you God.

My meeting yesterday with the school district was nothing short of amazing.  I had no idea how it would go.  This particular district has only known failure for the past 10-15 years as far as their student learning has gone.  I just wasn’t sure what to expect and I knew none of them.  Statistics only tell numbers.  As it turned out the superintendent is the grandson of someone I knew back in college.  The elementary principal is someone I worked with briefly in a neighboring district I had been with a couple years ago.  In each case, all of the leaders were eager and ready to tackle the work to find success in their student learning and how learn more about how this is accomplished.  I was asked by one of them how I saw myself helping them do this?  I told them to ask me this question in a month and I could better answer it.  For now I said I would want to build relationships with them to find out where our starting places should be so we could get focused right off the bat.  There was more said, but that’s enough for now.

Most importantly for today, as I was having my devotions, I was reading how Isaiah was telling the Israelites their failure to turn to God for their battles.  They were tearing down their own homes to patch the walls around Jerusalem, trying to reroute water from within the city, etc.  Not once did they pray for God to intervene on their behalf.  They were trying to take care of their problems themselves.  This message brought me to my anxiousness of yesterday.  I know God has brought me to the recovery ministries, to this school district, gave me the family I have, and more, but He didn’t do this for me to be their healer or savior.  He did all of this so I could do my part showing others the Light of God’s leading and healing in whatever the circumstances.  He reminded me that in spirit I do want to be His warrior, torch carrier, servant.  However, in mind and ego, I want to find sufficiency, be important to men and now that I see this I can let it go.  I will battle that at times, but I can use these times as lessons to focus back on who God is and who I am to God.

Today I feel better grounded as I go into it.  God is amazing and He wants each day to be His and mine working together.  I don’t want my ego getting in the way.  I repent and then I move forward when this happens.  God is so loving and I cherish each day with Him!

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