The Journey Continues: Sept. 7, 2018

Yesterday had much in it to praise God for.  Yes, my brother got home and we had a prayer of thanks for this.  He was grumpy but then he is a Lewis!  From his house I went by a couple’s home who are in their mid-80’s.  They love tomatoes.  I usually bring them a bag each Sunday morning but they’ve been unable to come to church due to her severe hip pain.  She has forthcoming surgery in October but until then they are housebound.  He can’t drive due to his vision so it is up to her.  Anyway, I’ve been taking produce to their home the past couple weeks.  He prayed over me while I was there–my family, the ministries at church, and our quartet.  I was so touched–and I needed that.

Staying tuned into God’s Spirit and realizing it separate of my own emotions is something I’m much more awake to but I wish I were better able to know one from the other.  It is always easy to see the difference in the rearview mirror.  But, at the moment, it is not so easy.  Today I have a lunch meeting with a gentleman stuck in a tough situation.  He is seeking advice.  God has already told me to trust His Spirit at the time of the meeting.  I have to discipline myself to not go into plotting the speech right now.  I do have a conference call at 8:00 am and some work to do following it ahead of the lunch so this will occupy my mind.  Being human and living in this broken world is its own temptation.  Someday we will all be free from this.  But, until that time comes, I want to be faithful to God and His Spirit’s nudges getting to know them and obeying them.  This is all a big lesson in TRUST.

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