The Journey Continues: Sept. 8, 2018

I can tell I am overly anxious as today starts.  My first cup of coffee is not even finished and my guts are in knots.  There are a number of things happening in the next week and a half which start the year’s work whether educational work or Kingdom work.  Tomorrow we are interviewing one of our Celebrate Recovery couples in both worship services prepping for our kick-off on the 20th. There will be two more interviewed the following Sunday.  The sermon tomorrow accentuates a young man from our group and how CR helped him find his place with God and to find his place with man.  After church is our CR leadership meeting getting the last minute items in place for its kick-off.  Monday through Wed., I have full day meetings with the new district I’m working with for the next 3 years.  (This is part-time consulting work but the prep for the start is always big).  Tuesday night is the last meeting with our recovery group leaders before we kick-off the following Tuesday–18th.  I have my prayer warrior coming to equip us with God’s scripture.  All of these are wonderful things but my mind goes to all the details that “could” happen.  I’ve always used this characteristic of me to know if everything is in place.  At my age now it seems Satan wants to use this characteristic to shut me down with anxiety.  I see this quite plainly.  God tells me to “be still and know I Am God”.  Satan tells me to “be anxious in everything because nothing is going to turn out right”.  It is actually good for me to write this out so I can see the blatant difference in front of me rather in the emotions inside of me.

I love getting a week or two beyond the start of everything–even gardening.  That is when the seeds begin to sprout and one can see new life forming.  These details of the present are important but I must remember to TRUST GOD.  Seeds are being planted and it is God who will help the seed sprout and grow into a glorious blessing for Him and man.  People will be nudged in the next couple weeks to come to Celebrate Recovery and also to come to the recovery classes.  These are seeds being planted.  God is the One who will use this time of planting seeds.  I am his servant and equipped to do my part–not His.  I want God to be glorified.  In so doing, I can have God’s peace.

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