The Journey Continues: Sept. 9, 2018

This morning I was journaling telling God the importance of this day and how glad I am that we are finally at a place where substance hits the road putting our recovery ministry work in action.  I had written nearly a page of my gratitude regarding this when it seemed I was reading my script as I was writing it.  God was pointing out to me just how much this journal entry was only about me.  I am the one who want to quickly move from planning into action.  I enjoy the work of action much more than I enjoy the work of planning and preparation.  However, God being complete in nature knows the critical side of planning and preparation.  (I know this too in my educational field but it is always difficult to apply when I’m in another realm).  He seemed to say, “Earnie, I’m glad you are glad, but I do want you to know I’ve been in action all along.  I’ve been not only preparing all of you who will lead but I’ve also been alive and well in the community preparing people to receive from this preparation.  This is “heart work” and it is what I do for that is where my Spirit resides.  These classes will give healing to the hearts of man so I can be much better known and trusted.

I’m realizing that heart work, which God does, is in direct conflict with man’s work so much of the time.  Even though I may be doing God’s Work, I find myself wanting to control it or complete it in my timeframe.  In so doing, I am taking the focus off of God and making it mine.  The conflict between these is great if I am doing this for my own satisfaction.  As I saw this from this morning’s journaling I asked God to forgive me.  His words were, “Turn your fretting into praising.”  As I began my prayer time I raised my hands in thankful praise to our/my God.  He is complete in all ways and His healing work and power is all sufficient to take whatever hurt, hang-up and/or habit and make it a glorious message for Him and His Kingdom.

This morning I praise Him and thank Him that He has included me in this opportunity to work with this ministry.  I also thank Him for the many lessons He has taught and is teaching in all the planning and preparation for it.

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