The Journey Continues: Sept. 10, 2018

This morning has been about warfare–the spiritual kind.  As I was reading Isaiah, King Hezekiah was surrounded by the Assyrian army in Jerusalem.  The Assyrians had already captured the other fortified cities in Judea and were now threatening Jerusalem.  However, King Hezekiah, already dressed in sackcloth was in prayer to God Almighty.  He’d spread out the letter given to him from the Assyrian king.  Hezekiah put the war man was creating into the hand of Almighty God.

Yesterday God was glorified in many ways during our services.  The forthcoming kickoffs of Celebrate Recovery and the Recovery classes were highlighted by testimonies from present participants.  This will be done one more time next Sunday as we kickoff the classes on the 18th and CR on the 20th.  We had our monthly CR meeting after church where obstacles were addressed and last minute assignments were given.

This morning I was writing in my journal all the obstacles Satan is trying to throw in the path of next week’s start.  There was literally almost a page of them.  He is trying so hard to have the leadership of both ministries only looking inward at problems so we lose sight of God’s purpose and the fact that man is being the stumbling block if we allow these hurdles to stand in the way of our first purpose.  I took this list I made and laid it out before God just as King Hezekiah did and said to God that these are now His.  I release them to Him.  This is Kingdom Work we are involved in.  Man is doing his appointed assignments, but God is Head and in control.  He has already conquered this battle in the Spiritual realm.  He wants me to claim this victory in man’s secular realm.  I sure don’t want to lose sight of this.  I actually feel at peace as I write this.  My TRUST is fully in Him.  Thanks be to God our Savior and Friend.

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