The Journey Continues: Sept. 11 2018

This journey just continues and continues.  There is no stopping it.  When I first started writing this journey somehow I felt in charge of it.  The only thing God wanted me in charge of I’m finding is the part of putting in into the blog.  He orchestrates all of our journeys if we will just let Him.

Today I was challenged with some scriptural insight I need to ponder.  In Isaiah, chapter 38, we are told of King Hezekiah’s illness.  Isaiah comes to him and tells him to get his house in order for he is going to die from this illness.  Hezekiah does what man often does–pleads with God to live.  He cries to God begging Him to grant him extra time.  God hears and answers this prayer and gives him 15 additional years.

The insights given in the footnotes of this chapter tell that Hezekiah had no children before this illness.  One reason he wanted to live was for heirs to the throne.  Yet, it was one of these sons who led Judah for 51 years and into the worst sinfulness yet.  Initially, all I am thinking is that I want to be mighty careful about what I pray and that when I pray I stay in God’s perfect plan.  I want to be obedient to His timing and His will.  There is more to all of this I’m sure but this is what hits me today.

Secondly, Hezekiah was said to be another very wise king for Israel (Judah).  In some regards he was similar to Solomon in wisdom and in acquired wealth.  Yet, as Solomon, their wisdom led them to decisions sometimes looking more like a selfish man rather than wisdom leading them much closer to God and to understanding God’s will for them and their leadership for Israel.  Like I said, I am pondering this news from today’s scripture reading.  I need time and God’s insights to better know what He wants me to take away from this.  What I’ve written is simply today’s walkaway.

Tonight is the final meeting with our recovery group leaders.  God is going to have us start next Tuesday night with those He is nudging to come.  How much I want to be a ready and willing servant for this time.

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