The Journey Continues: Sept. 17, 2018

“I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene!”  These are words from an old hymn I remember singing as a child and young adult.  This morning they are true for this day.  I awoke early as I am going to the school district where I will spend time the next 3 years.  There was to be no more sleep so I came to the den to start my devotions.  The condemnation of “who I am, what I’ve done and what has been done to me” was weighing heavy on me.  I couldn’t shake it.  Tomorrow starts our actual recovery groups and no one can come because we just aren’t the right leaders and God is separating Himself from this.  All this was going through my mind.  Fears were getting the best of me for the moment.

As I began my devotions and bible reading I began to read Isaiah 54.  This is a powerful chapter.  One where my prayer warrior had written a note for me when she gave this bible to me.  In it she writes in part, “…I pray verse 17 over you and Celebrate Recovery.  I especially like where it says peace, righteousness, security, triumph over the enemy is our heritage.  I am claiming triumph over the enemy for you….”

While I was reading all of this I felt God speaking to me in powerful ways affirming His Word as His truth.  More than this He was confirming the truth that what I awoke sensing is all a lie.  The fears, the anxieties, the condemnation are Satan’s ways of diverting me from God’s truth.  Yes, if I were to enter into this new recovery ministry on my own I would fail for I am incapable of giving any healing over the hurts which will be brought tomorrow night.  However, I go as a “bearer of Good News”.  The healing is all from Jesus Christ and His Mighty Work on the Cross!  Praise God.  This is why I write in the first line of today’s entry–“I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene!”  He is mighty to save and mighty to heal.  I want to be a bearer of this tremendously Good News and I will as Christ opens the doors for this to happen.  Thank you Jesus!

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