The Journey Continues: Sept. 18, 2018

Today I almost sense that I should be writing that the journey begins again.  I feel as though all the preparation I’ve done in spiritually awakening to Who God Is and Who He Is in me is taking root as today begins.  Today we start the new recovery ministry groups which come face to face with so many of the beliefs (lies) I had to face and overcome in order to belief that God has made me a new creation!

Remarkably, I am facing this same scenario with the school district I started working with yesterday where I spent the day with the elementary sites.  They are both very small, one with 50 kids and one with 80 kids.  Today I return to work with the junior high  and high school which is one site housing about 150 students.  This particular district has been called a failing district for as long as student learning has been being measured–20 years+.  Most of the staff is new to them and all the administration (3) are new.  Somehow, I realize part of my start with them is to help them see how important it is to know the past has been called a failure, but that in no way determines their present and future.  We are not to believe that our past determines our present and future.

All of this work of tonight with those who will come will start by helping those who have hidden their failures so long, to know that doesn’t determine their future.  Their present action of coming and facing this is the beginning of being set free!  Praise God!

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