The Journey Continues: Sept. 20, 2018

Wow, this week has been the one for firsts.  I said yesterday about the firsts of meeting with the schools, our new recovery groups start and now tonight is our kickoff night for Celebrate Recovery’s new year.  We will be reflecting as well as projecting.  This is our 10 year anniversary for CR so in it we will reflect and then the testimony tonight which is a 3 generation one will tell what can happen to an entire family unit when they decide to bring their dysfunctions to God and let Him lead them through His Healing processes.  The testimony will come from the grandparents, the parents and the son who is in 8th grade and has gone through Celebration Place and is now in The Landing.

I’ve written often about my prayer warrior and her gift to me a couple years ago of the Joyce Meyer bible.  I’m reading Isaiah presently and this morning I was reading the 61st chapter.  In the pages of this chapter my prayer warrior had put a 3×5 card written to me.  In the chapter Isaiah is hearing a message for himself as well as for Israel as they turn back to Him.  She writes on this card that we are showing others how to turn back to God when we feel so broken and then to find two-fold freedom:  freedom that brings joy replacing shame and secondly we find rejoicing from others who one thought had despised them.  As I read this just an hour ago I could see in my mind so many people where this has become their truth.  Praise God!  I’m so glad this is true and I’m eager to continue this walk into the next decade watching and experiencing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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