The Journey Continues: Sept. 21, 2018

This morning is one for taking a big breath and then relax a moment.  In the relaxing I can rejoice as I reflect on this week.  For months now we have been preparing for all the events which were having their start this week.  Now that the first for each of them has taken place I can breathe more easily.  There have been several moments of lessons to learn which have resulted from the week.  God is simply never done teaching us lessons about life and living it out one day at a time.

Last night Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff was one of the most touching moments in my 10 years of this ministry.  The reality of watching, listening, experiencing the testimonies of the 5 people giving their 3 generational story was truly God’s moment to shine.  There was much darkness which was revealed from their stories.  Darkness which most if not all family units often leave untouched.  Yet, God has given tremendous LIGHT and recovery to these 5.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the many newcomers to know there is hope for their own story yet to be revealed to man.  Yes, God already knows it.  Yet, it is in the sharing of our story through the share group time, the step study time, and the process of returning each week that we find the beginning of healing for bondages we never thought could be touched this side of heaven.  How much I love our Father, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit for their continuous love and work making this happen.  Our commitment is simply to obey.  This is a tough assignment we think at times, but the pay off is just what we experienced last night–a 3 generation testimony of a family’s harmony resulting from each one’s obedience through the last 8 years as they each walked their recovery road and can now walk it together as a family–God’s united family.

My own little moment last night was when a lady came up to me when CR had ended telling me she had seen my name connected with a book and was that me?  When I asked if it was the book:  The Journey from Error to Heir, she said it was.  I told her she didn’t need to order it as I had copies if she wanted.  I even had one in the car so I was able to give her one last night which she asked if I’d sign it?  These use to be very intimidating moments, but last night it was a touching moment where I was humbled and appreciative that this book of God’s healing work in my life can be important to someone I’m coming to know better.

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