The Journey Continues: Sept. 24, 2018

The journey for today continues to be selfishness.  Yesterday afternoon and evening our church sponsored a leadership training.  This has been happening for a while now, every 3 months.  Last night was Kathy and my last session–#4.  Its topic was “My Faith Story”.  The purpose is to help one see that in potential relationships God places around us, it is stepping into our story which opens the door for others to share their own.  I found it to be much like how Celebrate Recovery works.  When CR’s step studies end the attendees are encouraged to take an additional step–write their testimony of God’s work in their lives addressing their hurts, hang-ups and habits.  This testimony is then to be shared with the large group.  Over the ten years of our ministry I have seen scores of our people share their stories and I’ve then witnessed the effects of this sharing.  Even in my own case I find that when I share my story it never fails to have others coming to tell me private things they “haven’t told anyone as of yet”.

In order to even start a relationship with someone one must take the step of initiating a conversation or responding to someone who might initiate one with you.  More than anything, it is responding to the nudges The Holy Spirit gives us in all aspects of our lives.

This topic of selfishness is talking loudly to me these past few days.  Jeremiah is telling the people of Judah their sacrifices are half-hearted as I’m reading it presently in my devotional time.  Joyce Meyer writes in regards to this how God spoke to her regarding her own selfishness in this area. God despises half-hearted efforts to please Him.  He wants us to be sold out to Him.  If we are to live in the new creation God gave us through His Son Jesus Christ we cannot choose when we are going to be obedient to His Spirit’s nudges.  He asks us to be obedient and to then TRUST that His nudges to address His Work even though we may not see any relevance at the time.  This is true whether it is at home with family, at work, at play….  God is always present and His Holy Spirit is always within us.  I asked God this morning to help me today to do as it says in the latter part of the Serenity Prayer:  “Take one day at a time, one moment at a time–accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.”  For me, the hardship is often taking the first step into obedience.  This is my new assignment in addressing my selfishness.

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