The Journey Continues: Oct. 7, 2018

The nights are longer as fall progresses into the year.  As I began my prayer time this morning it was pitch black out the den window.  I was praying for the darkness to be lifted for those on my prayer list who are struggling or battling to overcome in areas of their lives.  This included my own.  As I finished and opened my eyes the darkness was beginning to be penetrated by the first light of dawn.  I could start to see the outlines of the trees.  It was as though God was saying He is the Light and He will penetrate the very darkness of the soul Satan wants to keep firmly in place.  God is so faithful and I love Him for this.

Tomorrow is Kathy and my 36th wedding anniversary.  However, Monday’s are filled from early morning until choir ends at night.  So, we are taking today to celebrate.  I honestly didn’t know love when Kathy and I first met and even when we had married.  I knew what love wasn’t and shouldn’t be, but to know love and know how to give love–I was groping.  I’m far from good at it today but I sure am not where I was all those years ago.  For one thing, love doesn’t scare me anymore.  It use to mean being touched and hurt with the manipulation from it or the memories which haunted me of this time in my life.  This is what I knew love wasn’t, but how did one get all of this out of your mind and emotions?  This is what God has done and has been doing for me these past 10 years.  Guess who has never wavered in her support during all this time?  You are right–my wife, Kathy.  How I love her for this and thank her for her steadfast love.

God doesn’t get in a hurry as He leads us through life.  Instead, He helps us use what we experience from life to help others as He leads them through their own healing.  Somehow, this is one of God’s finest demonstrations of love.  This support that doesn’t condemn, but supports when one would fall again without it.  How good our God is!

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