The Journey Continues: Oct. 8, 2018

Yes, 36 years ago today I was a nervous wreck!  What was I doing?  I was marrying someone who had never married and I was giving her this scarred, retched man.  She was innocent of whom I was and someday she’d find out her awful mistake.  Yet, I was going to marry her anyway.  These were the thoughts I had 36 years ago today when Kathy said yes to me and I to her.  God has taken all of those lies and turned them into a life of opportunities for Him to show me what a marriage to someone whom He gave me as His gift, was like.  Instead of living in fear as I did then, I want to live in opportunity to complete all God has in store for us.  He is truly an Amazing Father!

Today I started Lamentations–Jeremiah’s laments of Jerusalem and the mighty kingdom which is now in ruins.  As I finished the book of Jeremiah and now reading Lamentations, I wondered how could Judah not take heed to this doom?  It was as though God pointed out that in reading the condensed version of this time, it is easy to see the errors of their actions.  However, look at myself today.  How many times has God shown me a path and I wouldn’t take it for whatever was holding me back?  Look at all the ones I know and look at the way they choose to live.  Is their choice reflective of what God is saying to them?  It is so easy to read a book that spans a lifetime and more and see what wasn’t seen by them.  However, it is not so easily done when one is looking at oneself.

As I journaled this morning I asked God to keep me on track with Him.  I want to not act out of fear and selfishness any longer.  I want to live life as God has intended for Kathy and me completing His perfect will.  For today, the start was taking the time to be with Him this morning and writing this to you.

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