The Journey Continues: Oct. 10, 2018

The word for today–LORD.  There are 4 guys in our recovery class for abuse meeting on Tuesday nights.  (There are 9 in the ladies group but I just know women are far more able to face these demons than we men are.  We have to be strong in and of ourselves, we think.)  As we were talking through the lesson which was all about awakening to the areas of abuse/neglect from our past, I kept hearing others say things like: “I couldn’t do that because I feared”, or “I couldn’t take that step because I knew I’d fail”, etc.  These sounded just like my messages.  However, this time I was hearing it in retrospect to what I was learning from the lesson.  God gave us Jesus Christ to create a pathway to Him.  But, if we never let Christ be Lord of our life, we never allow the pathway to God to be cleared.  We are constantly dealing with the garbage strewn throughout the path.  Boy, can I see this now.

This morning I’m reading in Ezekiel about God’s message to him.  God tells him the children of Israel have been stubborn and unwilling to let Him be their Lord and King.  They wanted to have an earthly king and be lead my man’s wisdom rather than God’s.  Now they were experiencing the consequences of their hard-heartedness but they were still not getting the message.  When God showed me just a few years ago the verse Jeremiah 24:7, “…I will remove the heart of stone…and give you a heart of flesh”,  I knew He was talking about my hardened heart toward sensitivity to man.  What I’m finally awakening to is that God was wanting me to awaken to being sensitive to HIM.  The original heart He gave me (us) was a heart of flesh–sensitivity to Him.  Sin turns this heart toward self–selfishness.  I will never be sensitive to man the way God is until I’m capable and willing to be sensitive to Him.  This looks like obeying His nudges, allowing myself to feel what He has me see and what He has me hear.  I then do not respond out of my willfulness, but out of His nudges.

LORD,  this word means “leader”.  If Jesus Christ are going to be LORD of my life I must not only have Him on the throne of my life, but willingly respond to Him as my Lord.  This isn’t when I feel ok about it, but each time He nudges.  I have so much to learn about this.  A “heart of flesh” is a powerful gift God is wanting me to understand in a richer way.  The garbage strewn in my pathway will be cleared by God as I allow Him to fully heal my heart and respond in trust to His Leading as LORD.

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