The Journey Continues: Oct. 11, 2018

The Journey Continues but in so doing, the Light gets brighter showing more vividly where the path is leading.  This is the first time I’ve begun to understand and see this.  My human nature had learned fear as my way of dealing with what was ahead of me.  I would be excited in my spirit but coupled right with the excitement has been a tremendous amount of fear.  The fear would be about another failure, another opportunity for being abused by new people I’d be meeting, etc.  A fear that would isolate and paralyze me from taking any step my excitement might want me to take.  God is helping me see that the path for which the journey takes is one of His Making.  The Light He is providing isn’t a Light that shows me down the road several years.  It is a Light for the moment and sometimes for the day.  It is as if it is the confidence to go into the day knowing I’m completing my day’s assignment with God at the helm without seeing anything but God’s opportunity to serve Him.

I sat by my grandson last night watching my granddaughter’s volleyball game.  (They won by the way!)  I was listening to him talk about so many things he’s now doing since he is living on his own in his newly purchased house.  He is not afraid of stepping into many of man’s entertaining opportunities and he even sees them as fun and adventurous.  I listen and quickly see how so many men get caught in their addictions.  Soon these “entertaining things” turn into more than just fun.  “I need them to make me feel better”.  He and I can talk about these things as time moves on but I saw something I FEARED as a youth while he is enticed.  I see for the first time that neither is right or wrong, they are just how man handles man’s ways.  God was helping me see that these ways without God’s Light turn to darkness and sometimes turn to darkness quickly.  I don’t fear this as I once would, but I am much more awake to the need to follow God’s nudges as He gives them.

God’s ways and His nudges do seem at time to be overwhelming and impossible.  Yet, as I am learning just how gentle, kind and long-suffering He is, I want to complete whatever He asks for my confidence is growing tremendously in this arena.  Wow, God is Good!

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