The Journey Continues: Oct. 12, 2018

God is simply AMAZING!  I say this because it is Friday and I just want to spend the day with Him.  I know whatever I do God is with me, but I want to be with Him rather than Him being with me.  It is all a huge mind shift.  Also, it is a fear-breaker and confidence builder.  I use to think confidence aligned with arrogance/ego as I saw in my dad, but the confidence God gives is not that at all.  It is far more about assurance that even though you don’t see all the steps as clearly as you’d like, you can trust God to lead you “one step at a time, one moment at a time….” as the Serenity Prayer states.

I write this first paragraph because I’m caught right now in an emotional/mental dilemma I said I wouldn’t do again.  It is about the amount of work I’d accept for this year from the consulting world.  More time is seemingly needed where I am presently working and one more district is needing an interim amount of time.  In times past I’d say yes because it felt good to be wanted and needed.  Today, however, it seems God is shedding Light on this telling me to do as He is asking.  I have all these questions come to mind quickly like:  “What about the time needed for recovery work?”, What about time for my family, grandkids, choir, Christmas rehearsal, quartet, garden clean-up, etc.?”  I then hear, “…one day at a time, one moment at a time, taking hardship as a pathway to peace.”

The journey God gives is quite amazing.  I don’t want to spend another minute on this journey with Him anyplace but in the Lead.  Learning to walk this way throughout each and every day is now my new lesson.  Join me?

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