The Journey Continues: Oct. 13, 2018

The dilemma I mentioned yesterday is something God is wanting me to address.  However, it is not so much in addressing it by deciding if I am doing too much or not enough or some other reason not thought through.  As I have been working through this in my devotions this morning I find Him saying, “This is all about a matter of trust.”

I have never heard anyone talk about God calling them into something for a defined period of time.  I have heard ones talk about what God called them to do came to an end but they never knew that upfront.  God calls us to do what He asks for the day.  I am finally seeing that when I move beyond the day I step right into fretting/worrying/anxiety.  The bible clearly calls them sins.  This is what God is wanting me to learn from this new awareness He is showing me.  I don’t talk a lot about what anxiousness I sense inside me, but it is usually present to some degree or to a large degree.  God is telling me to let this go.  The way I let it go is to TRUST HIM in the day and then trust Him for all the tomorrows.

As I was working through this in my devotional time this morning there was an unexpected outcome.  All of a sudden I began to sense JOY.  It was as though when I let go of worry I found joy.  JOY is waiting at the door for us when we stop worrying.  One can’t know joy and worry at the same time.  However, joy is hardwired in us when we take captive the option to worry.  God’s Word never says it is ok to worry about this or that and but not ok to worry about these things.  God’s Word says worry is a sin.  I can see clearly now that worry removes TRUST.

I’ve heard a lot about all of this in my life but God is wanting me to apply it to my daily living.  So, here goes day one of intentional living in TRUST rather than the opposite.  And my prize—-JOY!

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