The Journey Continues: Oct. 14, 2018

This morning as I began my devotions my mind began to drift into areas of today and then quickly into the several days ahead.  As I did this I started to have all these questions arising about the different activities which are to take place in the near future: “Who is going to take care of this and that?”, “What is my role in it?”, and so much more.  All of a sudden I felt The Holy Spirit’s nudge.  He was saying I’m stepping right into what yesterday’s lesson was all about.  I suddenly became aware of how often I do this and just how much it represents my flesh.  It is going to take me some time to break this habit, but I do want to do this.  If Christ is going to be on the throne of my life 24/7, I want Him to be there in charge of me, not just when I think I need Him.  This behavior is a devious one for I’ve thought all these years that I was doing a good job planning.  Now I can see there is no planning taking place in my worry.  In it I eventually come to the place I need to set it aside and let God take control.  So, why not let Christ have the control from the start of this?  I’m going to work on it.

Today we have our monthly Celebrate Recovery Leadership meeting following the worship services.  After it the ministry leaders and I have our own meeting to address some issues which have arisen.  This is actually what started my mind jumping ahead earlier this morning.  Then I quickly went into all kinds of things coming up in the near future–things I can easily get lost in but can’t do anything about until the time is present.  That joy in life can only be real when I consciously keep Christ in my control seat.  I do want to stay in the surrender seat and let Christ stay in the control one.  I know this is what Christ is wanting me to learn as my assignment in today’s journey–one step at a time!

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