The Journey Continues: Oct. 22, 2018

This morning’s devotional time has been one for outlining the freedom walk of life.  After the discovery of yesterday, letting go of a whole list of sins outlined in the Abuse workbook, God is seemingly taking me into a new chapter of life–one called Free Indeed.  I finished reading Ezekiel this morning and just read the writing Joyce Meyer did in preparation to starting the book of Daniel.  She says he is a man of excellence and courage.  It caused me to ponder how I would someday be described?  My first reflective thoughts took me to all the things I didn’t want to be described as–things I’ve lived my life trying to not emulate as characteristics of dad.  It was as if God was saying, “I didn’t create you to not be like your dad, I created you to be the man I created.  This is why doing this assignment in the Abuse workbook was so important.  Once and for all I wanted you to see all of it as buried and forgiven.”

Free Indeed.  Isn’t this a tremendously strong and good statement?!  John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  It was many years ago I asked Jesus into my heart.  However, it has taken me 50+ years to surrender all that I was hiding thinking I had to live with it while here on earth.  Little did I recognize the bondage it had on me and the fear it kept me bound to.  This morning I know better than I ever have before that I am Free Indeed.

As I write this blog I am reminded that the last section of my book is entitled: Finding Freedom.  At the time, 3 years ago, when I wrote it I only hoped I could find the eventual freedom John wrote about in this verse.  I now can say that the freedom is being found.  The cost of freedom is often great.  However, the JOY of freedom is worth all the cost.  For me, it has been an emotional, prideful, fearful cost, but all of it is worth the price when one finally finds the LIGHT of FREEDOM.  Thank you FATHER!

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