The Journey Continues: Oct. 24, 2018

I am so glad every day has a morning.  It is this time of each day I seem to get my assignment for the day.  Often God tells me to “Be still and know He is God”.  He usually just has to say, “Be still.”  I know the rest.  My mind will race through many things on it but God always brings me back to the simplicity of being still.  In being still I can know God is God and I am His servant.  I am not God nor do I want to be.  However, there are times when I want to take charge and make everyone do it–“this way!  They’d be so much happier if they did!”  I’d think.  God reminds me that each man has to come to Him on their own.  Our role is to encourage, nurture, guide, etc., but I cannot MAKE anyone come to God/Jesus.  The Holy Spirit does this.

I am writing all of this in the first paragraph because there is a new creation in me today.  God is making me into the person He has always wanted me to be.  In so doing, the old part of me who wants to “save the world” still lives.  This is the reason I need the morning in each day so I can be brought into alignment with The One True God.  God never asked me to save the world.  His Son did that and made it possible for each of us in the world to come to Him.  My job–be a signpost guiding the ones He puts in my path to Jesus Christ–The Savior of the World.  This I want to do well for Him.

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