The Journey Continues: Oct. 25, 2018

Daniel is not a very big book in the Bible, but the message within Daniel is huge.  If you can place yourself in exile from home, dispelled hundreds of miles away knowing you cannot return, that is the starting point.  How would I be serving God at this point?  Daniel, regardless of these circumstances, chose to worship God as his One and only True God.  Throughout the book he is acclaimed for this.  God uses him mightily through his faithfulness to Him.

This morning as I’m having my devotional time I read about Daniel and his commitment to pray to God three times a day regardless of the decree to pray to the statue of King Darius.  Darius was manipulated by the other leaders who seemed jealous of Daniel.  They knew Daniel prayed this way and they wanted him out of their way.  This didn’t deter Daniel’s commitment to God and he was caught.  Amazingly, God kept him safe from the lions in the den and King Darius had the manipulating team of leaders thrown into the lion’s den–they and all of their family members.  Sometimes this story alone is what we hear and think about.  But, what was hitting me this morning was the fact Daniel was turning to God 3 times a day in prayer.  I start my day doing this but there is no other time I do it like in the morning.  I also know that as my day goes on I get overly caught in the spirit of the day and what I’m doing disconnecting from God’s guiding spirit for which I started my day.  I’ve journaled many times wondering how I keep myself more focused thinking it was a “me thing to do”.

As I began to journal I asked God about this, thinking I need to take my journal with me to focus myself a couple more times a day.  It was surprising to hear God simply say, “When Daniel turned to me he worshiped me.”  He was reconnecting his spirit with God’s Holy Spirit for God is Spirit.  My spirit is strong, I know, but it is strong in wanting to do what inspires me.  Worshiping God throughout the day a couple more times like in the morning will allow me to keep my spirited self aligned with God’s Spirit.  I needed this awakening this morning.  Taking a time out at noon and later afternoon to worship God is my choice and I want to develop this disciple in my days ahead.  I’m sure this is part of being a new creation.  I sure want to be as Daniel–committed in spite of what the world may think, say or do.

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