The Journey Continues: Oct. 28, 2018

God never ceases to do His Kingdom Work.  It is so amazing to know He wants each of us involved in it too.  We can be part of it and our own healing process is also part of it as we open ourselves to it.  Yesterday morning I did finish the lesson from the Abuse class for Tuesday night.  It was more of the same inner work on the damage of my childhood abuse.  I can say that even though it was tough, it was not nearly as much as the day before having worked that part out and experienced God’s healing from it.

Yesterday I was able to talk to my daughter in Oklahoma.  It was nice to process all of this with her.  I also spent a couple hours with my two brothers close by at the home of the one who is recovering from the surgery.  He and his wife had come to church last Sunday and said they’d be there again today.  This is and of itself is quite a miracle of God’s continued work.  God is so good at softening hearts in order to bring His children to Him.

As I was journaling this morning I thanked God for yesterday.  The time I had with family and the time I had to get things done here I needed to do.  It seemed God pointed out that when I’m focused on Him in my day I find that He is focused on me.  God’s Kingdom work includes me in it as well as in its completion of work.  We are all works of God’s handiwork and He uses us as tools of His Work for others.  I was thanking God for helping me get things done I needed to do and He was showing me how all of this is simply part of our working together.  I’m not done as you can tell with this depth of understanding on the topic.  However, it is so good to be on the other side of so much of the bondage I’ve held from my past.  It is easier now to begin to see God and me working together rather than I working to hopefully gain entrance into God’s Work as being good enough.  God is truly AMAZING!

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