The Journey Continues: Oct. 29, 2018

Being good enough.  Has this topic ever haunted you as it has me?  I’ve spent my childhood and young adult years trying to be good enough at things I simply wasn’t cut out to do.  The skill set needed to be good at the things dad was or many of my brothers wasn’t part of me.  Somehow, this thinking transferred into my thinking about doing God’s work.  I wasn’t good enough to “be” what He wanted me to be so I spent my life working to do whatever I did as good as possible hoping to be good enough for Him someday.  This present healing from the class I’m doing is quite remarkable.  God has done away with the mindset that I’m not good enough.  He has replaced it with a mindset much more awakened to the reality that He wants us willing, not necessarily skilled.  If we are willing, He will provide whatever skills are necessary.

I think what is most remarkable for me presently is the sense of deep, inner peace within.  Peace to be who I am.  To realize I’m not “less than” because I’m not the “same as” is a miracle only God can give.  This healing/awakening is what God has been doing lately.  How much I thank HIM for His faithfulness to me and to each one of us.  I want more than anything to be a faithful servant to Him.

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